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I'm a writer, filmmaker and musician making art in many genres. I offer copywriting services here. My romance screenplays including Santa's Got Style (2022) and Country Roads Christmas (2022) have been featured on UPtv, CityTV, Superchannel, Amazon and Peacock and my directorial feature debut Goldirocks (2004) is a rock 'n' roll movie about a young woman who finds her power when she picks up a guitar. Shelter Song is my upcoming feature film about a musician in Los Angeles who takes bold personal and creative risks during uncertain times.

Raised by two artist scholars, I was taught from a young age to question authority, value craft and live with purpose. I fell in love with punk rock and the Detroit rock sound in high school, an aesthetic that grounds my 'be who you are' philosophy. I learned to make films at the University of Toronto's Hart House Film Board and the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) where I edited my first three short films (Busk, Killing Time & Oxanna) on an Intercine flatbed machine the old school way - cutting film strips and taping them back together. For all its efficiency, digital film editing's got nothing on celluloid.

I write and record music with my husband Richard Duguay at our home studio, Into The Black, in Los Angeles, and am currently directed a multi-part music video campaign for his album Beautiful Decline. You can check out the video campaign we made for his previous album Bad JuJu (2019) here. My children's album Be Who You Are (2015) is a 14-track collection of music and spoken word that encourages young people to make art and question everything. I sell my linocut art prints on Etsy for the hell of it.


My television shows in development include Now That You're Dead (A dark comedy about dealing with a whole lot of death), Frequency (a sci-fi drama about the battle to control the vibrations of the universe), Idyllwild (a family drama about the healing power of horses) and Devotions for Douchebags, a satirical series about climbing the corporate ladder. I'm also co-writing a feature comedy called Electric Avenue. 


I write and record music with my husband, Richard Duguay at our home studio, Into the Black. Together with Tara Samuel we created the children's album Be Who You Are (listen below!), written as a 21st century homage to the 1970s seminal kids' album Free to be You & Me. It teaches character building to kids - emphasizing empathy & critical thinking. I wrote the protest song "We're the 99%" in response to the Occupy Wall St. movement in 2011, which became a union anthem for OPSEU Canada with altered lyrics. I sing and play guitar and drums, and fronted rock bands Sticky Rice and Fuck Y'all back in the day.


I have been creating lino cut prints for most of my life, including trees and flowers, people and text. My lino cuts illustrate the Be Who You Are children's album, and are owned by some of the most interesting people in the world. You can visit my Etsy shop to see more work.

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