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Paula Tiberius is a screenwriter, director and song writer in Los Angeles. She was a lead writer on Brain Power Studio's TV one-hour drama The Wedding Planners, which aired on CityTV and in France, and her TV movie adaptation of the novel Snowbound for Christmas aired December 2019 on UPTV and The Movie Channel. Paula wrote and directed the award-winning rock 'n' roll feature film Goldirocks in 2004, and published her first novel The Cowboy Singer in 2012, optioned for television in 2020. Her award-winning short films have screened and been broadcast worldwide, and her latest feature script Shelter Song is about a musician's journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Paula's television shows in development include Connection (30m comedy about death & dating in your 50s), Pleasure Principle (1-hour multi-generational drama centered on a Black sexologist), The In-Between (a 45m sci-fi drama about the interspaces of the universe) and Idyllwild (1-hour family drama about the healing power of horses). Paula writes and records music with her husband Richard Duguay at their home recording studio Into the Black and recently co-directed a series of music videos for Duguay's latest album, Bad JuJu. Paula's kids' album Be Who You Are is a 14-track collection of music and spoken word that teaches kids to think for themselves and treat other people with kindness and empathy. She sells her linocut prints on Etsy for the hell of it.



Paula writes and records music with her husband, Richard Duguay at their home studio, Into the Black. Together with Tara Samuel they created the children's album Be Who You Are (listen below!), written as a 21st century homage to the 1970s seminal kids' album Free to be You & Me. It teaches character building to kids - emphasizing empathy & critical thinking. Paula wrote the protest song "We're the 99%" in response to the Occupy Wall St. movement in 2011, which became a union anthem for OPSEU Canada with altered lyrics. Paula sings and plays guitar and drums, and fronted rock bands Sticky Rice and Fuck Y'all back in the day.


Paula has been creating lino cut prints for most of her life, including trees and flowers, people and text. Her lino cuts illustrate the Be Who You Are children's album, and are owned by some of the most interesting people in the world. You can visit her Etsy shop to see more work.



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