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Writing Coach

Coaching & Editorial Services

Writing is a solo endeavor - until it isn't. Sometimes you have to bounce ideas off someone to get un-stuck, or get a professional story edit to find out if what you've written is as good as you think it is. Or maybe you just need some cheerleading to make sure you'll finish the damn thing. I'm happy to offer these services and have coached many writers with their screenplays, works of fiction and non-fiction. No matter what system you subscribe to - Save the Cat, The Hero's Journey, Robert MCkee - I can meet you where you are on your storytelling journey and get you to the next step.


Please fill out the form below or email me at for a quote based on your specific project. Let me know the genre, format (book, screenplay) and current word count - and why you're looking for help. 

Writing help is here.

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