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Dr. Ava’s Neuroloveology Book Reaches For The Stars!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Yesterday I spent the day with Dr. Ava Cadell and her publicist Jim Strzalkowski promoting Ava’s new book ‘Neuroloveology,’ a blending of neuroscience, relationship therapy and sex tips. I can tell you it’s a fantastic read because…I’m the editor! Along with the fabulously talented Shadley Grei who recently published an amazing piece about meeting his estranged father.

Celebrities were everywhere at the delicious Fig & Olive restaurant on La Cienega, where the Bergman Oscar gifting suite was taking place, a charity event benefitting Wednesday’s Child, a foundation that finds forever families for foster kids. The actors, models and producers of note posed with products of all kinds around the atrium, lending their name to up the brand ante of jewelry makers, artists, couture designers, and of course, the soon-to-be bestseller, Neuroloveology!

I was the official photographer, and here are my fave celebs from the day.

Tommy Chong. Super nice, cool and laid back, of COURSE!

Ava-Angela Basset 1

Angela Bassett, who has the best arms ever, and picked the jewelry I would have picked at the Silvana K jewelery booth.

Illeana Douglas, who I love, and who laughed when I made her take a silicone vibrating rose along with the book. What a sport. And a hell of an actress.

The Hulk, people! And he looks incredible. Seriously, what’s Lou Ferrigno‘s secret?

To know Jackie Zeman is to love Jackie Zeman. She’s one of Ava’s best friends and a really cool lady who always makes me laugh. We have a lot in common – eating dessert more than once a day for example – and she always has funny dating stories and great advice about being a mom. She’s also Barbara ‘Bobbie’ Spencer from General Hospital!

I had the pleasure of meeting Lou Gossett, Jr. who is wearing a T-shirt for his anti-racism foundation Eracism. He was so good natured and smiley, especially when I told him what the silicone rose was for!

Last but not least, Kevin Farley came by, Chris Farley’s brother, who is a comic in his own right. I opted not to tell him that I retweeted one of his tweets that said, “It’s safe to say my brother would be killing it right now playing Rob Ford on SNL.” Amen to that, brother!

I would say my first ‘gifting suite’ experience was a success. We ran out of books, but not camera batteries, and Dr. Ava looks great in every shot. Next time I’ll get someone to take a picture of me : )

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