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  • Paula Tiberius

I Drink Salads, Spiders Drink Blood

Life without white flour continues, but like all addicts I’m finding ways around the new rules. For example, have you ever Googled ‘whole wheat croissant recipe?’ Probably not, but I have. The first thing I came across was this hilarious blog in which she calls her creation “crisp, rich, yet ultimately disappointing.” Indeed. Sometimes white flour is just necessary.

I’m not feeling the same way about cow dairy though. I have to say that goat cheese and sheep cheese fucking rule. When faced with a choice between Swiss and Manchego at Sunday brunch this weekend, it was woolly over bovine for me! And not just because of my diet. Thanks to my cheese loving friend Sue Riedl  I learned that Roquefort is sheep (who knew?) as well as tons of others. I’m so not deprived.

And as for juicing, my incredibly awesome sister and her incredibly awesome husband sent me their super-duper extra fantastic juicer!

(Can you hear it singing?)

Why? Because it was sitting in their garage. One man’s E-bay fodder is another man’s gold I tell you. This mofo juices apples whole. It’s brilliant. I made my juice this morning in the time it took for Violet to tell me about spiders.

“Spiders like to drink blood. But not in a glass. And it’s not spicy.”

Goddamn right, kid – and look at this green slop I just made! Do you want some?

“Why is it green?”

Because mommy drinks salads now.

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