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Loaded Rock Show With R.D. Cane & Mr. James Ellroy

Sometimes a rock show is just a rock show. Other times it is elevated by the artists surrounding it who contribute an exquisite eye or a twisted poem, creating a much deeper and more memorable spectacle.

Firstly, photographer R.D. Cane is a fucking genius. He stayed with us for a week leading up to the show at Loaded in Hollywood on Friday night, and casually snapped brilliance everywhere he went. He’s responsible for every photo in this blog, except the one I took of him.

Here’s a series by the pool, with Richard Duguay and Zafirios Georgilas, another excellent house guest (they do dishes!) and great guitar player who flew in from Vancouver for the show.

Loaded -10

Loaded - 11

Loaded - 12

The Santa Ana winds are blowing, and it seemed like the moon was perfectly full three nights in a row which made things seem magical. Slightly less magical is the forest fire going on north of the city that’s making the air unbearable, but the way R.D. captures it, this smoky vista looks like a painting:

Loaded - 8

Rehearsals were a great opportunity for band photos! (okay, and practicing…) I also have to commend Soundbite Studios for a relaxed vibe, free earplugs and a cool dragon mural to pose in front of! From left here’s Ron Kirsch on bass, Zafirios Georgilas on guitar, me in my next Facebook photo, Richard in darkness, and the incredibly talented, amazingly easy-going Jamie Douglass on drums.

Loaded - 5

I really like this one of Richard and me.

Loaded - 2

The day of the show, R.D. went for lunch with Richard and his pal James Ellroy, who had recently agreed to introduce us at the show….Jesus Christ this picture is awesome!

Loaded 3

And here’s James doing the deed. Thank you SO MUCH to Pep Kay for filming this!! We really appreciate it. And James, what can I say? You are the Demon Dog with the hollow log. One of kind, motherfucker.

Warning: Don’t play this near children, please ; )

Loaded - 4

Not pictured here is Althea Rose who came up and sang on Nothing But Time. Thank you for jumping up! Next time we’ll get you your own mic!

So many people came out – we had a great time playing to a full room. THANK FOR COMING EVERYONE!

Loaded - 6

Here’s R.D. hard at work getting those pool shots in the backyard.

Loaded - 7

And finally, I let R.D. photograph my ‘free’ tattoo. I guess he’s family now.

Loaded - 9

I was so honored to spend the week with an inspiring collection of artists, writers and musicians. Sometime a rock show is loaded with gold.

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