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New Prints Up Now At My Art Shop!

Today was a glorious day of printmaking! I remember there were days in my twenties where I would just do art all day long – I hadn’t truly appreciated those days until now. But let’s not talk about how old I am – there is art for sale, people!

Looking for a cute little Christmas Tree print to put under the real tree for that special someone? Here is a cool silvery pink one that you can leave up all year round, but you can also special order any color you want! Well, if I have the color – I do have gold, green and red for those feeling festive.

Silver Pink Christmas Tree

Or what about art made by kids! This adorable piece is by none other than my daughter Violet! She is really excited that it’s up on the shop for sale. You should know that the money from these particular prints go directly to her, and she will likely put it in the bank. She’s saving for a car – a limo with a hot tub in the back to be exact. That’s what happens when you try to raise a kid in Los Angeles.

Pink Koala-CROP

Here’s a unique gift idea for potty-mouth breast cancer survivors! Originally created for artist Bettina Hubby‘s group show, Thanks For The Mammariesit’s a statement about mastectomy surgery. It is a big fucking deal. And Bettina is doing great.

It Is A Big Fucking Deal

And last but not least, pug lovers out there? Here’s a portrait of much-beloved Stella, my friend Andrea’s pug. Look at that face! 

Pug Portrait

There’s more but you should really just visit the shop and tell all your friends. Thanks

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