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Richard Duguay & The Hellhounds @ CMW

Thank you to John Kastner for giving Richard two great shows at Canadian Music Week last weekend! Here we are (Ron Kirsch, Chris Mateer, Jay Millette, Richard & me) rocking the Bovine Sex Club on Saturday night! We actually have video coming from this which I’ll post soon. Yay!

CMW 15

Tensions ran high all week as we waited with bated breath to find out when our drummer Chris’s wife Kate was going to give birth! The due date was a week earlier, but the little guy hung on until the day of our final gig! Of course Chris had our full support to miss any gigs or rehearsals, but I was secretly vomiting at the thought of playing a show without Chris. Apparently his son has great rock and roll timing too!

R.D. Cane almost got run over by a taxi taking this picture – he rolled out of the way cane flying at the last minute.

CMW 14
CMW 11

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