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  • Paula Tiberius

Ruthlessly Lazy

My friend used this expression the other day to describe her critical mother-in-law, a woman who likes to sit back in her easy chair and criticize family, friends, politicians, you name it. Indeed it is so easy it is to sit back and criticize other people while doing nothing particularly great yourself.

It’s mid-term election day, which means the Democrats may lose either the house or the senate, or both. I just heard an opinion on the radio saying that while this would suck for us Lefties, it may bring into stark relief the ruthlessly lazy policies of the Republicans. If they suddenly have the majority, won’t people notice even more how they block every piece of Obama legislation to come across their desks?

I like this optimistic spin on losing the majority, and recently I’m all about removing negativity from my life, but it’s difficult not to fear that the ruthlessly lazy epidemic hasn’t only affected Republicans, but it’s gotten into the blood of mainstream America.

People look to politicians to give them something for nothing, and they actually put stock into empty rhetoric. It’s amazing that the same person who might skeptically view a free coffee from a car dealership as bribery, would turn around and believe a would-be governor who promises all kinds of new social programs without raising taxes.

My new positive self will give these people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they’ve never studied political science and have no idea how economies work. Is ignorance a form of being lazy? That sounds elitist and unfair. But if you look at some of the teabagger talking points, you have to wonder if a little more research might turn these same people into progressives overnight.

Anyway, I just took a break before writing this last paragraph to go and drop off my ballot. My usually sleepy polling place was teeming with people, mostly arty looking east side L.A people. I’m going to stay positive.

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