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  • Paula Tiberius

Successful ‘Be Who You Are’ Album Trailer Shoot!

Combine a group of fourteen fantastic kids, their helpful parents, two barrels of Starbucks coffee, a boatload of Porto’s pastries and what do you get? A slew of beautiful photos and oodles of excellent footage for the ‘Be Who You Are‘ album trailer!

Tara Samuel, Richard Duguay and I are working hard on the record we’re making that teaches kids to speak up, trust their guts and choose love over fear! Stay tuned for our upcoming video that will give you lots more details. Meanwhile, please like our Facebook page and leave a comment letting us know what you think is important about empowering kids! And check out our website for more great shots which will be growing daily : )

BWYA shoot 01.11.14

Me, Richard, Tara, Matt & Rory being who we are!

BWYA shoot 01.11.14 - 2
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