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The Cowboy Singer Paperback Is Available! Plus Two New Tour Stops: Change The Word & Samantha M

The Cowboy Singer book tour continues in the limelight of very exciting news: The paperback version is out and available on Amazon! Woo hoo! There’s nothing quite like actual paper pages to make you feel like you wrote a book!

Thank you so much to Tracey at Deambulation Editions for putting it together and making it happen – you rock!

Thanks to:

for reviewing the book and interviewing me!

Read the review:

“I enjoyed the Cowboy Singer and recommend it for anyone looking for a quick romance that leaves you satisfied.” More

Read the interview:

“I’ve learned to stick up for my ideas and not allow others to shoot them down, especially when they’re undeveloped. The second piece of wisdom…” More

Then visit Samantha March to read her Q & A with yours truly, and an excerpt from the book.

Samantha March Q & A snippet:

“I have many more screenplays than books – those run the gamut from easy-breezy romantic comedies to serious family drama to historical political drama. My next book is a romance about a rich girl who falls for a…” More

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