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The Cowboy Singer Tour: “Go Where The Love Is” Guest Post on Chick Lit Goddess & No

Read my guest post on Chick Lit Goddess, the latest stop on The Cowboy Singer tour!

From the post “Go Where The Love Is“:

“I moved to Los Angeles to become a famous screenwriter. Ha! What a cliché, I know. But hey – I had a feature film under my belt, a few connections, a few scripts, and a lot of time on my hands. I was sure I would have an agent within a year, at the outside. Five years later, still no agent. But…”

Thanks to Nose in a Book for hosting my next stop on The Cowboy Singer tour! Check out my guest post, interview and review on Nose In A Book!

“Paula, it’s your future self here. I know, it’s hard to believe you made it to 41. It must seem impossibly old – hell, your mom is 43!  Hey – put down that joint, this is important. This isn’t a drug trip; I’m really going to give you some advice here. You might want to get a pen and paper…” more

Review snippet:

“The Cowboy Singer is a delightful debut novel by Paula Tiberius. She just drops you right into the action. The story line is straight forward and to the point which can be a refreshing change from the over driven plots…”

In the interview, discover the inspiration behind The Cowboy Singer and find out which literary characters are my top book crushes!

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