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Toronto Rocked!

What a day last Saturday in Toronto! Shooting all day and rockin’ all night at Cherry Cola’s. Thanks to Cherish for letting that happen at her club, Johnathan Walsh for making it so all around, and Keith, Jennifer, Ray and Timon from Silver Point Media for what’s going to be an awesome video! And Cara Heitmann for taking amazing pictures all day and night, not to mention at all three rehearsals!

Here is Richard playing Take My Hand for the zillionth time with director Keith behind the camera. This crew was so hardworking that we were actually ahead of schedule at one point, which as a filmmaker, I know is a Christmas miracle.

And here are Richard and the crew pondering the complicated mirror shots where Richard and I sing to each other in a ghostly haunting way.

I am NOT used to being on this side of a slate.

Photo by Cara Heitmann

Richard staying in character as the tortured addict, me not so much.

Photo by Cara Heitmann

Here’s Johnathan Walsh with an appropriate halo over his head. The patron saint of getting the show on the road!

Then after some napping and delicious food by Dan, we went back to the club to play the damn show! I think we did pretty well considering there were only three rehearsals. The line-up included Richard, Jay Millette and Dave Kiner on guitar, Chris Mateer on drums, and Ron Kirsch on bass. A really fun gang to hang out with for a week.

Photo by Lisa Hayes

Photo by Lisa Hayes

I don’t know what happened here below, but Jay giggling in the background is fantastic. This must be from the Runaways clap-along song at the end. I hope. Thanks to Cara Heitman for taking pictures! At rehearsals and at the video too – thank you!

Photo by Cara Heitmann

Here’s Jay Milette playing with Richard, and Chris Mateer on drums. All killer, no filler!

Photo by Cara Heitmann

Also thanks to Ralph Blacklock and others for pics – lemme know if I’m missing anyone!

Photo by Ralph Blacklock

Afterwards we got to relax with our people. Below Richard’s sister Denise came all the way from Montreal to see the show, and Ellen Rehak traveled from Los Angeles (okay not really for the show – but she came!) and brought her famous journalist Dad, Peter Rehak!

And here on the left are the world famous Dignan brothers, Chris AND Sean – that’s right – both of them! If you ever get to see Dodge Fiasco, you should. Avoiding the camera is the always awesome fancy book editor (and my oldest friend) Kathleen Scheibling on the right. It looks like Ellen and I are dancing, perhaps why everyone else looks horrified? Just like old times!

Above right are our gracious hosts whom we stayed with, Lisa Hayes and Dan Leikkari – you guys are the best! Dan is kissing his childhood friend, Mike.

Here are the fabulous Tina Cooper and Annie Bradley, screenwriters and directors of many things, and collaborators together on the excellent short film, Pudge. Tina is also the other half of Fuck Y’all, and helps her incredibly talented musician / producer partner John Critchley run Green Door Studios.

And here I am with more close pals, ex-Sticky Rice bandmate Niva Chow, journalist superstar Kisha Ferguson and extremely talented art director Vicky Peters who was the production designer on Goldirocks, and who has recently written an excellent novel that needs to be published immediately.

And here’s Kathleen again sporting her Richard Duguay Reckless T-shirt and me with one of my oldest friends, Janice Walker, a.k.a Edna Thorne, a.k.a. the executive who doesn’t look like an executive who you really want on your side at an animation convention.

And all this while my mom was showing Violet how to build snowmen and Rod was teaching her about molecules! Thank you Mom & Rod!

Oh, how I miss Toronto!

See you all soon.

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