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Why Red Tricycle Rules

“I’m still thinking!” Violet shouted at me this morning when I asked her for the third time what she’d like for breakfast, our 7:20am departure looming.  After breakfast it was “I don’t want to go to school! I hate school!” Then once in the car, after a speech from me about kindness and attitude ending in “I love you very much,” she countered with, “I don’t love you. I hate you! And I hate school!” Finally, at the school gates, she clung tightly to my ribs and said, “I want to stay with you!”  But then the bell rang and she tore herself from me, sobbing loudly into her hands as she walked away, her Monster High backpack bobbing up and down. Good times!

It’s mornings like this that make me appreciate the value of Red Tricycle, a lifeline in the form of a website and e-newsletter whose mission is “to help parents have more fun with their kids.” Red Tricycle offers a 24/7 on-line guide to kid-friendly places and events happening in your own city, from the best pumpkin patches in October to the best air conditioned craft zones in summer. Not to mention book suggestions, tips for traveling with kids, and my personal go-to, Recipes for Kids. You have to feed these little people every day! Why didn’t anyone warn me about that?

Imagine my delight in discovering that my beloved kid’s site was founded by the cousin of my good friend Matt Flugger! He’s the awesome Sony creative executive and rock & roller who also happens to be married to the fabulous Tara Samuel, my partner in crime with the Be Who You Are Project. Last night, Matt & Tara invited me to join them at Drybar in Santa Monica for a Red Tricycle event!

Here is Matt with his extremely cool entrepreneurial cousin, Jacqui Boland, founder and CEO of Red Tricycle at Drybar last night.

The theme of the event was “Day To Night LA,” offering hair ‘blow outs’ (dry styling & curling) for moms transitioning from ‘playground mom’ to ‘glam night out,’ and the evening also tied in their sponsor Microsoft’s new ‘Surface 2’ tablet, a versatile little machine that transitions between consumer and production needs seamlessly. I want one.

Here are Tara and I getting our hair styled!

I also spent a deliciously long time talking to Red Tricycle’s National Account Director Laura Rodde (pronounced ‘roadie’ – I love that!). I got some insight into what’s coming next for me with parenting, as she’s navigating the rewarding but treacherous waters of parenting a 12-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. Whew! I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of Laura. Actually I do know why – I had a glass of wine in one hand, and a shrimp skewer in the other. Also not pictured is the colorful catering table – it was a farmer’s market dream with purple cauliflower, pink carrots and crisp endive lettuce with delicious dips. They really know how to treat a mom at Red Tricycle, people.

Instead I’ll show you a picture of my finished hairdo. Hey – it was SUPPOSED to be all about me!

Red Tricycle is one of the few e-newsletters that I read religiously. Their updates are chock full of cool things to do with kids, and just generally make you feel good about being a parent, even on days when your kid hates you.

Thanks for a wonderful night Red Tricycle – I’m more behind you than ever – and not just because of the free hairdo and snacks : )

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