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  • Paula Tiberius

Fig Blue Cheese Tart

It’s fig season! Our little two-year old tree has been delivering a dozen figs a week for the past month, so I decided to make a tart!

Fig Blue Cheese Tart 1

It kind of looks like a pizza.

Fig Blue Cheese Tart

For the crust:

1 cold stick of butter

1/2 cup whole wheat flour

3/4 cup white flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons ice water

Put the flour and salt in a food processor and add the butter in small pieces, pulsing each time. Next add the water until the mixture forms a dough ball. Mmm, dough ball. Refrigerate for 1 hour minimum.

Then roll it out and transfer to a 9″ baking pan. You can pre-bake the crust if you like at 350 degrees for ten minutes. I don’t do that because I like soft crust on the bottom.

Fig Blue Cheese tart 2

I know what you’re thinking. Someone give this girl a hair net.

For the filling:

8 ounces creamy goat cheese

3 tablespoons heavy cream

1 egg

1 tablespoon sugar (optional)

1 teaspoon fresh thyme

A dozen ripe black mission figs

1 sprig rosemary

4 ounces crumbly blue cheese

In a bowl, mix the goat cheese, heavy cream, egg, sugar and thyme together until the lumps are gone. Pour the mixture onto the crust.  Arrange the figs on top, sliced sides up or down, or in a pattern. Then cut the rosemary over the figs, and sprinkle the top with the blue cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, then broil for 2-3 minutes to get that golden brown look.

Serve hot and enjoy!

Fig Blue Cheese tart 3

Before adding the blue cheese.

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