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Thanks For The Mammaries!

The dazzlingly eclectic art show Thanks for the Mammaries! took place last night at For Your Art on Wilshire Blvd. in the Miracle Mile district in L.A., right across the street from the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art).

It was packed!

I’m in an art show!!!!

My brilliant artist friend Bettina Hubby put on the show in association with Klowden Mann gallery, asking all her artist friends to contribute pieces about boobs. Why boobs? Well, Bettina underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction a few months ago, and she didn’t want to hide under a blanket at home not talking about it. So instead she did what Hubby always does – she made a life-affirming wonderland of art out of an idea in her head. I was so honored to create a lino cut for this show!

Me, Bettina and Violet. And Bunny.

There were paintings, drawings, sculptures, cut paper pieces, video art – you name it, there was a piece of boob art in that medium!

All the proceeds collected from the show, which is taking silent auction bids until August 18th, go to fund the Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center, which is an organization that provides free support, education and hope to people with cancer, and their loved ones. Their vision is that “no one faces cancer alone.” All the programs are free of charge. And judging by the three enthusiastic, smart, cool women I met from the Benjamin Center, it is definitely the place you want to be when you’re looking for support!

There was work from dozens of artists at the show. Here are a few of my (and Violet’s) favorites.

Violet putting money into the Boob piggy bank, which raised money for the production of a catalog of the work.

This was one hot boob. Plugged in!

I forgot to see if this was created by Bettina or not, but I do know she is obsessed with googly eyes, as evidenced by her installation, High Desert Test Site: Googly Eyes For Giant Rock. Check it out here: http://www.hubbyco.com/pages/high-desert-test-sites-googly-eyes-for-giant-rock-2013/

Boob enthusiast Adam Lee poses with an interactive sculpture.

Love this photograph!

Susan Feldman’s ‘Boobie Trap’

What would George Carlin say?

Political boob art!

My friend Claire Zrimc, looking beautiful!

Matt Flugger and Tara Samuel, making the art scene on their 10th anniversary!

A stranger is looking at my piece!

Live music by Janet Klein & Tom Marion! Scroll to the end for a quick listen!

I think it’s the woman from my favorite photograph live and topless!

Even the refreshments had boobs. And their were sponge-on boob tattoos!

The wall on the right shows all contributions on the Thanks for the Mammaries Facebook page. Printed out on fabric, they had a huge visual impact and really told the story of this show coming together, ‘Likes,’ ‘Comments,’ and all.

Thank YOU for the Mammaries, Bettina : )

Janet Klein & Tom Marion performing “38 Bra”

All the contributors!

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